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3 ways to recycle att återanvända our handwash-bottle

Recycling and reusing is something we all know is super important at this point. So here are 3 tips on what you can do with your soap bottle when you've used up the contents! (Start by washing the bottle so it's clean & dry. You choose whether you want to scrub off the label or not.) 1. Do you have a boring shampoo bottle at home? Pour the shampoo into this brown bottle for a more vintage look at home! 2. You can do the same with the dish soap at home to make it easier when you have to wash the dishes. 3. During the pandemic, it was more important than ever to use hand sanitizer, something we should all continue to use daily! Buy a bulk bottle of hand sanitizer and pour the contents into our stylish bottle, and you can leave it in front of you without any problems! Stylish and practical with a reminder! #återanvända #återvinna #klimat #klimattänk #miljö #hudvård #ekologisk #ekologiskhudvård #vegan #vegansk #eko #veganskhudvård #miljötänk #miljösmart #klimatsmart #treefling #närproducerat #återvinning #recycle


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