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Excursion tip in Skåne: Hilleshögs dalar

Hillehögs dalar is a 167-hectare nature reserve in Landskrona municipality which consists of a valley and landslides by the beach. On the nearby island of Ven, these landslides are called backafall.

When you walk in the reserve, you will experience beautiful meadows with views of the sea. You may also see rabbits that are common in the area.

In the racial slopes, flowering plants such as bloody geranium, small scabious, oregano, and brown knapweed grow. Among the brown knapweed, you may see the unusual plant knapweed broomrape, which lacks chlorophyll. The plant manages without chlorophyll by parasitizing on brown knapweed.

Swallows build their nests in the slopes by digging cavities in the porous material. Sweden's largest lizard, the sand lizard, which can grow over twenty centimeters long, can be found along the slopes. During the mating season in June, the male's sides turn intensely green.

Along the shore, there are large quantities of discarded bricks that come from the heyday of the brick industry, which was around the turn of the last century.

In the reserve, you can follow a nature trail that runs along the coastal strip. There are several good vantage points along the way.

We at Treefling think it is important to spend time in nature, take care of our nature and treat yourself to a hike in the beautiful nature reserve, Hillehögs dalar.

Image credit: 1. Manpwp / CC BY-SA 3.0 2. Christoph Caina /CC BY 3.0


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