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Excursion tip in Skåne - Kullaberg

Now that the warmer weather is finally here, we at Treefling would like to take the opportunity to recommend an excursion to the very beautiful and spectacular nature reserve Kullaberg in Höganäs municipality.

Kullaberg's bedrock ridge has dramatic coastal slopes that plunge up to just over 60 meters into the sea.

Erosion has created several beach caves. The most visited are the Silver Cave, the Lahibia Cave, the Visit Cave and the Greater Josefinelust Cave.

There is a great variety of plants due to the fact that the area consists of several different types of habitats such as cliffs, sandy beaches, beech forest, shrubland, and pasture. If you are interested in seeing rarities, there are rare plants such as hypericum humifusum, oregano, keeled garlic, and early-purple orchid.

The reserve also has a rich wildlife. If you are lucky, you may spot mammals such as hare, badger, rabbit, red deer, roe deer, and fox. As many as 275 bird species have been observed. There are, for example, birds of prey such as common buzzard, peregrine falcon, sparrow hawk, and kestrel in the area. After storms, unusual seabirds can appear that do not nest in Sweden, including the northern fulmar and northern gannet.

Kullaberg's walking trails are marked in different color symbols. The red one follows the southern slopes and is easier to walk compared to the blue one that follows the northern slope.

We at Treefling think it is important to spend time in nature, take care of our beautiful nature and treat yourself to an excursion in the beautiful nature reserve.


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