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Excursion tip on Öland: Linden reserve

In the municipality of Borgholm, the beautiful Lindreservatet is located, a nature reserve that offers the visitor a hike through scenic pastures, meadows, and deciduous forests.

In the past, the area was used as arable land, but now a deciduous forest has also grown. Among the meadows there are older oaks and lindens that have received large stately crowns, thanks to the fact that they do not have to compete with other trees for sunlight. These older trees often have cavities, which is appreciated by many different species of birds when they nest. If you are lucky, you may catch sight of the unusual collared flycatcher, which only breeds on Gotland and Öland.

During the spring and summer, the meadows are bursting with flowers, for example cowslip, military orchid, and early-purple orchid.

For those interested in history, there are traces of the farming community that existed in the area during the older Iron Age in the form of well-preserved house foundations, stone-fenced yards, and graves.

The linden reserve is located approximately 2 km east of Byxelkrok by the village of Torp. There is a marked hiking trail to follow in the reserve.

We at Treefling think it is important to spend time in nature, take care of our nature and treat yourself to a walk in the beautiful nature reserve, the Linden reserve.

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Image credit: Bilsenbatten/CC BY-SA 4.0. Andrejchudy / CC BY-SA 2.0


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