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How to Recycle Christmas Wrapping

inslagna julklappar

Image credit: PatrykDziejma / CC0

Now that Christmas is approaching, it might be good to think about that for a more sustainable world, you can recycle Christmas gift wrapping paper instead of throwing it in a garbage bag with all the other garbage.

You might think that Christmas wrapping paper should be sorted among newsprint, but the fact is that it should be placed among paper packaging. To make the paper easier to recycle, it is recommended to remove tape and labels. Tape is thrown away in residual waste, i.e. the garbage bag.

Inorganic gift cords that contain plastic cannot be sorted among plastics. They go as residual waste.

Unfortunately, Christmas wrapping paper that contains foil or glitter cannot be recycled.

For an even more sustainable Christmas, you can use materials other than Christmas wrapping paper to wrap your presents with, for example reusable gift boxes, old fabric, newspaper, cardboard that an item came in. As long as you are a little creative, you can create nice packages with more sustainable choices.

We at Treefling care about the environment, which is why we only use plastics in our skincare packaging that are recyclable.


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