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By now you may know that our latest product is a hand-cream, which is 100% vegan, something we're very proud of! But what does it really mean that something is vegan and why should we choose it over something else? Many skin care products today may contain animal ingredients, such as collagen from fish or cattle, wool fat, beeswax or honey. While vegan skincare means that the ingredients are not animal but instead are made exclusively from plants and minerals. In fact, many plant-based products contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than animal products. Something you may not know is that in order for a product to be classified as vegan within the EU, it must also be cruelty free. What does that mean then? Well, that the product hasn't been tested on animals, neither the ingredients nor the finish product. So it's not only kinder to your skin to choose vegan products but also kinder to all animals.


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