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Wash your clothes in colder water to protect the environment

Did you know that clothes that only have a few stains, can still get clean with cold water?

There are detergents that are designed to be able to break down the stains even in lower temperatures. You save a large amount of energy if you choose to wash in colder water so it's not only good for the environment but also for your wallet.

However, keep in mind that a lower temperature when washing your clothes will not be able to kill bacteria. You should therefore wash things like underwear and sheets at a higher temperature. It can also be good to sometimes wash your regular clothes at a higher degree to keep the bacteria away.

And don't forget that washing your clothes in colder water will also help reduce color fading and shrinkage of fabrics.

We at Treefling care about the environment and think it is important to use environmentally friendly means as much as possible.


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