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4 tips for an environment-friendly life

Another Monday and less than a week until Advent! There are probably many people who are trying to reduce electricity costs now but at the same time want to create the right christmas-feeling at home. We have some tips that can help along the way, good for both the wallet and the climate. 1. Use LED lights! LED lights use about 80% less energy than regular light bulbs and last longer. Of course, it is also possible to replace the regular light bulbs on the Advent candles! 2. Wash correctly! By this we mean that it is always important to fill each machine and as short a program as possible. Do not wash more than necessary, it is usually enough to hang the clothes out for a little airing to get the fresh feeling back. Finally, can you do without fabric softener? If not, choose eco-labeled fabric softener. 3. Lower the heat! Lowering the element one degree in each room is enough to reduce the electricity consumption and if we do this together we will hopefully also reduce the costs. To bring up the heat, you can instead put on more layers of clothes and light some candles. 4. Save on hot water! How often and how long you shower affects energy use, even a full dishwasher saves more energy than washing by hand. If you don't have a dishwasher, you can think about not washing under running water. Why not invest in a good washing-up liquid? Then you remove dirt even though you wash in colder water. And as you've probably heard before - save water, shower together! We at Treefling wish you a continued good week. #klimatsmart #klimattänk #klimatet #elkostnader #el #advent #förstadvent #advent2022 #fånerelkostnader #treefling #environment #miljö #miljötänk #ekologiskt #vegansk #hudvård #svensktillverkad #närproducerat #svenskaföretag #vinter2022 #climate #winter2022


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