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Are you ready?

Fall is here and winter is fast approaching! That's why we want to remind you how incredibly important it is to winter-prep your skin. It's not only our minds that sometimes find it difficult to adapt to the fast changes in the weather, but also our skin, something that easily can be forgotten. If you tend to experience more dry and irritated skin in the winter months, it might be even more important to adapt your skincare routine to the weather. Step 1 is to clean the skin with gentle products that doesn't cause irritation. Our organic hand soap helps you with just this, while leaving a lovely scent of lemon. Step 2 is to moisturize the skin! It is actually the most important thing when it gets colder outside, because the weather easily dries out our skin. We offer a vegan hand cream that leaves your hands soft and moisturized to the max! You can find our products at, are you ready to winter-prep your skin?


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