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Climate-smart Hotels

Many people worry about the impact they have on the climate when they travel. One way to reduce your climate footprint is to choose more sustainable housing. Thanks to the increased awareness of the climate threat, it is increasingly popular among hotels to run their business more environmentally friendly, as well as offer guests more ecologically sustainable accommodation options.

Below are some examples of how different hotels work to be more environmentally friendly:

• Environmentally conscious food ingredients.

• Solar panels.

• Low-energy building

• Ecological and recyclable toiletries.

• Environmentally friendly cleaning products.

• Own composting and sustainable waste management.

• Bicycle lending to guests.

• Eco-friendly manufactured furniture.

• Vintage furniture, instead of new furniture.

• Double-flush toilets to reduce water consumption.

• The room lighting is turned off when the guests leave.

We at Treefling care about the environment, which is why we only have organic skin care products in our product line. Visit our website for more information on how we work sustainably.


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