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Excursion tip - Guided tour of Limhamn's lime quarry

Limhamn's limestone quarry in Malmö is a massive open pit mine that is 1300 meters long and 800 meters wide with a depth of 65 meters. Nowadays, nature has begun to take over after it became a municipal nature reserve at the turn of the year 2010-2011. The unique lime environments are home to a number of rare animal and plant species, such as the red-listed green-spotted toad.

There are many bird species that live in the pit, including swallows, barn owls, brown marsh hawks, gray herons, lesser shorebirds, and peregrine falcons.

To gain access to the area, you must book a guided tour. During the tour, which takes about two hours, you will learn about the history of the limestone quarry, geology, animals and nature. For more information, visit Malmö City's website.

We at Treefling think it is important with exercise and fresh air, take care of our beautiful nature and treat yourself to a wonderful walk in the beautiful nature reserve.

Image credit: Spandex4. This file is licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.


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