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Excursion tip in Blekinge: Utklippan nature reserve

Sweden's southeasternmost island group, Utklippan, is a nature reserve in the municipality of Karlskrona that consists of two main islands, Norraskär and Södraskär. The reserve is 5,168 hectares, of which the islands make up only 12 hectares.

The islands consist of granite that has been ground almost completely bare by the forces of the sea and the ice sheet. You can see traces of the ice sheet's impact on the islands in the form of round slabs and ice grooves. The vegetation mainly consists of shrubs, grasses, and herbs.

Many migratory birds use the islands as a resting place in spring and autumn. Karlskrona's Ornithological Club has been ringing birds on Utklippan for decades. They have ringed around 200 hundred species, several of which have been rarities, such as the citrine wagtail and the yellow-breasted bunting.

Despite the small size of the islands, there are five species of amphibians. The European green toad has only three larger and reproducing populations in Sweden, one of which is on Utklippan. In the mid-nineties, it was necessary to introduce males and juveniles to the islands, when it was discovered that only females remained.

In the reefs along the islands, gray seals look for food. They are often seen resting on bare rocks. The harbor seal, a smaller cousin of the gray seal, occasionally appears in the reserve.

There have been lighthouses on Utklippan since the eighteenth century. The current one was built in the nineteenth century and has been automated since 1972. The lighthouse and its former lighthouse keeper's quarters became state monuments in 1935.

To get to Utklippan you need access to a boat. On the island of Norrskär there is a protected guest harbor where you can dock. It is also possible to book a sea taxi.

We at Treefling think it is important to spend time in nature, take care of our nature and treat yourself to a trip to the beautiful nature reserve, Utklippan.

Utklippans öar + grönfläckig padda

Image credit: L.G.foto/ CC BY-SA 4.0. Скампецкий/ CC BY 3.0


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