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Excursion tip in Halland: Almeberget

Do you enjoy hiking in beech forests? Then the 70-hectare nature reserve Almeberget in Slättåkra parish is a perfect choice to visit, because on the slopes of the area there is an old beech forest, whose trees are up to two hundred years old.

There is plenty of dead wood in the reserve which is home to many different red-listed organisms, including seventy different lichens, mosses, fungi and insects. Europe's smallest woodpecker, the lesser woodpecker, thrives in the forests and regularly breeds in the area.

The mountain's southern slopes have traces of human influence from ancient times, or the early Middle Ages, in the form of stone cairns. They came into existence when the land was cleared for cultivation.

North of the small lake Sälltorpasjön, you can marvel at the "Trollstugan", a sloping valley delimited by several rock formations.

The Hallandsleden runs through the reserve.

We at Treefling think it is important to spend time in nature, take care of our nature and treat yourself to a hike in the beautiful nature reserve, Almeberget.

Bird image credit: Zaltys/ CC BY-SA 3.0


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