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Excursion tip in Uppland: Billudden nature reserve

Billudden's nature reserve is a 3.5 km long headland that forms the northernmost part of Uppland in Älvkarleby municipality.

In the limestone-rich soil along the beaches, Europe's largest population of sea buckthorn bushes can be found, which in autumn color the area orange with their berries. Sea buckthorn is one of the main ingredients in our hand cream.

Several of the cape's beaches consist of pebble fields, which are stones that have been ground round by the forces of the sea. Inland you will find forests of spruce and pine with herbaceous flora.

The reserve has a rich birdlife where you can see rarities such as the two-barred crossbill, a beautiful fin carp, which breeds very rarely in Sweden.

In Billhamn there's an old picturesque fishing village that is now used as a holiday homes. The ongoing uplift of the land has caused a rise of as much as 70 cm in the last hundred years, which has led to the fishing houses now being high above sea level.

At the tip of the headland, you are met by an open sea that often storms briskly. Over the years, several ships have been wrecked in the shallows that lie lurking under the water.

The headland has two nature trails for both children and adults that you can follow if you are interested in learning about the area's plants and animals.

We at Treefling think it is important to spend time in nature, take care of our nature and treat yourself to a hike in the beautiful nature reserve, Billudden.

Image credit: 1.SiberianJay / CC BY-SA 4.0 2. Petr Kratochvil /CC0 Public Domain


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