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Excursion tip in Uppland: Florarna nature reserve

Flornarna, Uppland's largest nature reserve, offers the visitor a real nature experience with dense old-growth forest, open marshes and lakes.

When hiking in the area, you may be lucky enough to see elusive mammals such as lynx, martens, and otters. Bald eagles, terns, ospreys, great loons, grebes, and many other impressive bird species regularly nest in the area.

In the nutrient-poor marshes grows sundew, a carnivorous plant that gets extra nutrition by trapping insects with sticky purple glands.

The orange-marked Upplandsleden runs through the reserve. If you follow the eastern route, you will pass over the King's Span, a 500 m long span that was given as a gift to King Carl XVI Gustaf on his fiftieth birthday. Along the trail loop, there are several rest areas with fireplaces and benches.

We at Treefling think it is important to spend time in the outdoors, take care of our nature and treat yourself to a hike in the beautiful nature reserve, Florana.

Image credit: 1. SiberianJay / CC BY-SA 4.0 2. Petr Kratochvil / CC0 Public Domain


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