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Phthalate-free products

What is diethyl phthalate?

Diethyl phthalate (DEP) is a chemical compound that is often used in skincare and beauty products to increase durability and longevity, for example in creams to make the product adhere better to the skin.

Other types of phthalates (DBP and DEHP) have been banned from use in skincare and beauty products in the EU because they are considered to be able to disturb the body's hormone balance. Researchers have linked phthalates to, among other things, asthma, behavioral problems, diabetes, obesity, fertility problems, and neurodevelopmental problems.

The Environmental Working Group has given the DEP a rating of 'overall low level' at its risk assessment level. They believe that DEP does not cause cancer or allergies, however, they have set ‘developmental and reproductive toxicity *’ at a low risk level.

When phthalates end up in nature, they can also adversely affect animals' hormone balance. Certain types of phthalates are considered toxic to aquatic organisms.

We at Treefling care about the environment and your health, therefore we do not use phthalates in our skincare products.


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