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Stress down with a hand-massage

We're all probably aware that hand hygiene is more important than ever. We use our hands every day, in everything we do. But what else can you do besides washing and moisturizing your hands? We often forget that it's scientifically proven that massage can relieve stress and anxiety. So, a hand massage from time to time may not contribute better to the hygiene itself but it can contribute to better health.


Here are some tips that you can try on your own when you feel anxious before an important meeting, when you work a lot at a computer or when you feel generally stressed:

  • Start by lubricating your hands with Treefling's hand-cream to warm up your hands and get your blood circulation going properly, this also helps to ease frictions. Do not forget to lubricate right up to the wrist.

    • Rub both palms slowly and without too much pressure

    • Use your thumb to make circular movements in the other palm, here you can use a little more pressure. But do not hurt yourself. Make both larger and smaller circles, then change and do the same on the other hand.

    • Then start squeezing each finger (one at a time), starting at the bottom of the finger, the same size of a ring, then pushing the "ring" up and ending at the fingertips.

    • To finish, you can take your thumb and forefinger, place them on your wrist and make three small circles in shape, much like you follow the beads from a bracelet. Do this on both wrists.

Test this and get it in as a routine a few times a week. It only takes a few minutes but makes a big difference to your health!


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