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Throw it in the compost instead...

komposterad jord

Image credit: normanack / CC BY 2.0

We often throw things in the garbage without thinking that it is actually possible to put them in the compost instead. Below is a list of some examples of things that can be composted into soil.


Clothing made from one hundred percent natural fibers can be biodegraded in a compost. Cut the fabric into small pieces to make it easier for the compost to break it down. Keep in mind that fabrics containing synthetic dyes can be toxic and bad for the environment. To be on the safe side, use only fabrics that are undyed or naturally dyed.

Hair and fur.

Do you have a dog that sheds a lot? Collect it and put it in the compost instead of filling up the vacuum cleaner bag with dog hair. Hair and fur break down fairly quickly in a compost.

Fireplace ash

If the decomposing material in the compost is acidic, ash can help compensate for this, as ash has a high PH value. Ash can also add nutrients to the soil.

Old food

It is not only fruit and vegetables that can be composted, even old pasta, rice, biscuits, spices etc. can be thrown into the compost.

Cotton swabs

Now that cotton buds are mostly only made from natural materials, they can be tossed in the compost to decompose.

Wine cork.

Natural wine cork is made from cork oak tree bark.


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