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Why Beach Clean-Ups are Important

Huge amounts of plastic that have been dumped into the sea float ashore on our shores every year. Much of the plastic used today is not biodegradable and must be exposed to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight in order to decompose, which can take hundreds of years. Our wildlife is exposed to potential harmful risks if they become entangled or eat plastic. If the plastic has been in the water and broken down into microplastic, there is a great risk that it will be consumed by smaller marine animals, such as mussels. According to a new study, one gram of mussel meat bought from a grocery store contains between 0.13 and 2.45 microplastic particles.

What can you do to reduce the litter on our beaches?

If you are on the west coast of Sweden, you can use the Beach Cleaner Map to see which places need cleaning.


When collecting rubbish, sort plastic, paper, glass, and metal separately. Then hand in the sorted rubbish to the recycling center. The rubbish that cannot be recycled must be left for incineration.

We at Treefling think that nature conservation is important, take care of our beautiful nature by picking up rubbish from the coasts.

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